Planning for pathways and drainage

The Bells Beach Coastal Management Plan (CMP) recommended upgrades to pathways within the Reserve, to address safety risks such as pebbles washing onto the steep concrete pathway to the lookout.

Council is running a collaborative workshop to help develop a plan to guide the maintenance and improvement of pathways and drainage in the Bells Beach Surfing and Recreation Reserve main carparks over the next two to three years. The plan will be guided by the existing CMP.

Council is seeking applications from regular users of the Bells Beach Coastal Reserve to take part in this workshop. We will consider:

  • Pathway maintenance and upgrades including possible widening and changes to surface materials and drainage
  • Improved stormwater management
  • Line marking in the Winki Pop car park
  • Improved public safety and access
  • Erosion control and cliff stability

Geotechnical, landscaping and stormwater experts, members of the Bells Beach Community Advisory Committee and interested community members will participate in the workshop.

Want to get involved?

The workshop will be held in Torquay, 5:30pm for a 6pm start on Wednesday 11 October.

Council is seeking a diverse group of views for this workshop, so if interested please apply by completing the form below, by Monday 9 October 2017. Further details will be provided once attendees are confirmed.

Council will use the following criteria as a guide for inclusion:

  • How you use Bells Beach Coastal Reserve and your interest in this project
  • Any relevant skills or experience, including technical or local knowledge
  • Willingness to share your views and work collaboratively
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