A 3.6km section of Forest and Grays roads in Paraparap is being upgraded. Supported by a Federal Government grant, the $2.14m rehabilitation will improve the productivity and safety of heavy vehicles, and safety for cyclists and local traffic.

The roads are designated routes for B-Doubles, agricultural and industrial traffic, and bicycles. They form part of the most direct route between Gherang and Torquay’s urban growth areas.

An engineering survey and design work has been completed. Proposed works include traffic lane widening, pavement strengthening and shoulder sealing.

According to Arborist’s and Ecologist’s reports, the works can be constructed as outlined in the engineering plans, with minimal or no further damage to roadside vegetation. The works will not impact on native flora and fauna.

Community feedback has contributed to the design, which aims to balance environmental values with road safety and transport needs.

The feedback period for this project has closed.