Council to consider Spring Creek Precinct Structure Plan

Council adopted a final plan at a Council meeting on 24 October and resolved to send it to the Minister for Planning for approval. The minutes from the meeting can be found here.

The following reports are now available for viewing:

- Spring Creek Precinct Structure Plan - Final Draft

- Response to Panel Recommendations Report

- PSP Document Changes Table

- Urban Growth Zone

- C114 Explanatory Report


Following the former Minister for Planning’s decision to rezone land 1km west of Duffields Road in Torquay for future urban growth, Surf Coast Shire Council has been working with the community, Spring Creek landowners and government agencies to develop a Structure Plan for the land. The Structure Plan will be a long term plan that describes how the land is expected to be developed for residential, commercial and open space purposes and identifies the physical and community infrastructure needed to support development.

The plan has been developed following a series of recommendations from a community panel in 2015, which responded to the question: “How do we design urban growth that is in balance with the surrounding environment?” For more about the history of the process and Council’s response to the panel’s recommendations, click here.

The plan includes more than 57 hectares of open space and conservation areas, including a 75 metre setback either side of the 10-year flood level along Spring Creek and wildlife corridors along all waterways.

In other measures, the plan:

  • Promotes passive solar orientation of housing lots to encourage energy efficiency.
  • Has been developed to protect as many stands of Bellarine Yellow Gum and individual trees as possible, while vegetation offset requirements are identified for any trees removed as part of future development.
  • Retains existing roadside vegetation along Duffields Road, Grossmans Road and the Great Ocean Road.
  • Seeks to provide a variety of lot sizes and housing options to suit a range of prospective residents.
  • Provides a comprehensive network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, including on both sides of Spring Creek, linking open space areas within the precinct and beyond towards Torquay’s CBD.
  • Introduces residential design controls throughout the precinct that mandate minimum setbacks, maximum site coverage, minimum area available for planting, fences and the use of retaining walls. The controls also specify a preferred maximum building height of 7.5 metres.
  • Provides services like small-scale retail and community spaces within the precinct to reduce the need for car travel.
  • Maintains a green break between Torquay and Bellbrae.