Draft Strategy

At a Council meeting on Tuesday 25 July 2017, Council resolved to place the Draft Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy - The Esplanade and Bell Street on exhibition for public comment.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback on the draft. The submission period has now closed.

The draft strategy recommends appropriate installation of infrastructure to minimise congestion and improve safety, including:

  • Implement a 40km/h speed limit along The Esplanade from Zeally Bay Road to Bell Street and along the length of Bell Street.
  • Future roundabout at the intersection of The Esplanade and Zeally Bay Rd with zebra crossings to allow safe pedestrian crossing.
  • Zebra pedestrian crossings at the intersection with Gilbert Street with a central pedestrian island.
  • Zebra pedestrian crossings at Anderson Street with a central pedestrian island.
  • Zebra pedestrian crossing at Price Street near the existing crossing on The Esplanade
  • Zebra pedestrian crossings on the existing roundabout at Bell Street
  • Pedestrian outstands at other critical crossing locations
  • Green cycle lane treatment at key intersections.

Actions would be implemented in stages subject to priority and available funding. Council will consider appropriate government grants to implement longer term actions

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