Streetscape improvements works are set to begin in Winchelsea later this year between Hesse Street and Anzac Memorial Park.

A streetscape plan has been prepared by Council with the assistance of a Community Reference Panel. The design provides for possible future alterations to the road layout at the Palmer Street end as recommended in a traffic report prepared for Council.

Beautification has been targeted to areas where the panel believes greatest visual impact will be achieved.

Proposed works include:

  • Re-landscaping of the nodes at Hesse and Palmer Streets,
  • Kerbing and landscaping the western side of the Anzac Memorial Park,
  • Planting of two trees in front of the shops and along Palmer Street,
  • Re-siting of the cannon, BBQ, horse trough, and installation of additional seating.

You can view the draft plans here. Public submissions have now closed. Thanks to those who gave us feedback.